About the Book

Seemingly non-obvious details can often separate good web design from great web design. You might not appreciate the quality of a well-designed website until you start using it, looking under the hood, putting it through tests, etc.

Handcrafted CSS: More Bulletproof Web Design is an attempt to share some of these details that matter most. By encouraging “progressive enrichment” to utilize advanced CSS and CSS3 properties that work in browsers today, to reevaluating past methods and best practices. This book will show how craftsmanship can be applied to flexible, bulletproof, highly efficient and adaptable interfaces that make up a solid user experience.

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Always Ask, "What Happens If...?"
  2. 2. Rounded Corners With border-radius
  3. 3. Flexible Color with RGBA
  4. 4. Do Websites Need to Look Exactly the Same in Every Browser?
  1. 5. Modular Float Management
  2. 6. The Flexible Grid by Ethan Marcotte
  3. 7. Craftmanship Details

The Authors

Dan Cederholm

A web designer and author living in Salem, Massachusetts, Dan is the founder of SimpleBits, a tiny design studio.

Dan CederholmA recognized expert in the field of standards-based web design, Dan co-founded the wine community site, Cork’d and has worked with Google, MTV, ESPN, Fast Company, Blogger, Odeo (and others), also collaborating with Happy Cog on selected projects. He embraces flexible, adaptable design using web standards through his client work, writing, and speaking.

Dan is the author of two best-selling books: Bulletproof Web Design, Second Edition (New Riders) and Web Standards Solutions (Apress/Friends of ED). Dan also runs a popular blog where he writes articles and commentary on the web, technology and life. And he plays a mean ukulele.

Ethan Marcotte

A web designer/developer living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Ethan Marcotte is a well-respected industry veteran.

Ethan MarcotteWith over a decade of experience working online, Ethan has worked with such clients as New York Magazine, Harvard University, and the World Wide Web Consortium. A former Interactive Design Director at Happy Cog, his work demonstrates a deep-seated passion for the intersection of quality code and compelling design.

Alongside Happy Cog founder Jeffrey Zeldman, Ethan coauthored the third edition of Designing With Web Standards (New Riders, 2009). He is also a contributing author and technical editor at A List Apart, the magazine for people who make websites. He has been a featured speaker at An Event Apart, the SXSW Interactive festival, AIGA’s In Control conference, and several Boston-area universities.

When not running his own little web practice, Ethan spends entirely too much time online, swears profusely on Twitter, and would like to be an unstoppable robot ninja when he grows up. Beep.

Example Code

Download the Tugboat Coffee Company template

About the DVD

Either bundled in the Video Edition of the book or by itself, is the Handcrafted CSS: Bulletproof Essentials DVD.

video screenshotIn the video, Dan Cederholm presents 10 guidelines that will act as a checklist for creating flexible, adaptable, bulletproof designs.

Some of this material is culled from the Bulletproof Web Design book, but also features the Tugboat Coffee Company test case that’s featured in Handcrafted CSS. Thus, it provides a unique bridge between the two.

You’ll also hear some of Dan’s ukulele playing in the background.

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